Up the Ante on Your Apartment’s Artwork

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When it comes to apartment decorating tips, how you use art can be the biggest decision in how you want to format your décor. But even though someone else painted/drew the art, your decisions on how it's showcased have a big impact on how effective it is. Here are some things to think about in regards to art. Level Up: Don’t be constrained by the … [Read more...]

3 No-Beef Burgers to Try on Our Community Grills

Where's the beef? Not in these delicious burgers! ©iStockphoto.com/bhofack2

When you hear "burgers" do you automatically think "beef"?  That may be about to change.  Mix up your grill menu this summer with these three delicious, alternative burgers. Pork Burgers Topped with peppers and onions, these pork burgers may remind you of a cheesesteak - without the steak.  Combine ground pork and Italian sausage for the patties. … [Read more...]

How to Keep Your Pet Relaxed in Your Apartment

Your pet can get stressed just like you, so try to make your apartment a peaceful environment for your pet and yourself.

You have numerous outlets for reducing the stress in your life. But, have you ever considered that your pet may need you to create a way to reduce their stress? Keep your pet as relaxed and stress-free as possible in your Hollywood apartment by following these three tips: Sit quietly for about 30 minutes, and observe your pet's reaction to common noises … [Read more...]

Go Green With Your Apartment’s Keurig by Reusing K-Cups

Did you know your K-cups can do more than make a cup of coffee? Source: Pixabay

The Avenue Hollywood boasts generous, modern kitchens with ample counter space for a Keurig. While a Keurig is highly convenient, it can also generate a lot of waste. If you're tired of throwing away the cups, consider one or more of the following ways to reuse them. Storage. K-Cups are the perfect size to store small items, such as buttons for … [Read more...]

How to Keep Eating Healthy on Your Memorial Day Weekend Vacation

We know it's tempting to eat poorly on your vacation, but you CAN stay healthy! ©iStockphoto.com/karelnoppe

If you've decided to go on a weekend vacation away from your Hollywood apartment for Memorial Day, you may find it challenging to eat healthy while on the road. Here are three tips on how you make healthy choices during your Memorial Day vacation: Be careful about what you choose for breakfast. Waffles and pancakes look tempting, so think of them as a … [Read more...]

Tricks for a Successful Graduation Party at the Avenue Hollywood

It's almost time for tossing caps, so use these tricks to plan a smashing party for your grad! ©iStockphoto.com/g-stockstudio

Hollywood will soon be celebrating many graduations, and if your Avenue Hollywood grad is among them, it's time to throw a party! Here are some tricks to make your graduation party a success. Hold a Joint Party Plan to hold one party for close friends in the same friend circle. You will save people from having to move between parties. Share the … [Read more...]

Great Dog Breeds to Become Your Apartment Companion


Are you thinking about bringing home a dog to your pet friendly apartments in Hollywood? These are some of the best breeds of dogs for apartment living. Yorkshire Terrier These six to seven pounds worth of cuteness are perfect apartment companions. They adapt quickly to new situations, and they don't bark too much. Give them lots of love and they will … [Read more...]

How to Prepare Your LA Apartment For Houseguests

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Sometimes we can get so excited about guests coming for a visit that we forget some important items. Here's a helpful checklist for guest preparations to ensure that your apartments in Hollywood are ready. Stock up your bathroom The number one stock item is toilet paper. When your guests arrive, the toilet paper will disappear. Also, put out … [Read more...]

Small Eco-Friendly Changes to Make in Your Hollywood Apartment

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Green living in Hollywood can be much easier than you think. All you need to do is make these three small and inexpensive eco-friendly changes. 1. Change your shopping habits There are so many eco-friendly product lines now that are not charging exorbitant prices. Home decor lines are selling eco-friendly window treatments and furniture. You can … [Read more...]

Spend Your Morning in Tranquil Meditation on the Balcony

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Lowering your stress level is the one of the keys to a longer and happier life. Hollywood apartment living offers an excellent way for stress reduction: meditating on your balcony. Choose a time and duration that works best for you, but mornings are better as the mind is clearer. Pick a spot on your balcony where you can leave your cushion or … [Read more...]