Small Eco-Friendly Changes to Make in Your Hollywood Apartment


Green living in Hollywood can be much easier than you think. All you need to do is make these three small and inexpensive eco-friendly changes. 1. Change your shopping habits There are so many eco-friendly product lines now that are not charging exorbitant prices. Home decor lines are selling eco-friendly window treatments and furniture. You can … [Read more...]

Spend Your Morning in Tranquil Meditation on the Balcony

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Lowering your stress level is the one of the keys to a longer and happier life. Hollywood apartment living offers an excellent way for stress reduction: meditating on your balcony. Choose a time and duration that works best for you, but mornings are better as the mind is clearer. Pick a spot on your balcony where you can leave your cushion or … [Read more...]

Groceries Right to Your Door Using Yummy


Did you know that organic food in the Los Angeles area is only a phone call away? is a neighborhood market that delivers in 30 minutes. Here's what you need to know. sells a wide-range of products, from produce and meats, to dairy and snack foods. They also offer a lot of brand options. So in dairy, you can choose from organic … [Read more...]

Sweet Places in Los Angeles to Treat Your Mom to Brunch

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There are plenty of sweet places to take your mom for brunch on Mother's Day in Los Angeles. Let her sleep in, then go for delicious breakfast food with a twist in the late morning. You will find options of delicious food you can eat in abundance such as Mimosas and Sangira. Zenga offers endless Bloody Mary drinks with endless Sangira and Mimosas for an … [Read more...]

Great Reads for Spring Days on the Beach

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Spring is here, and for many Hollywood residents, that means it’s time to start thinking about hitting the beach. While volleyball, roller-skating, swimming or just plain lounging can be great, spending that time on the beach reading can be even better. Use this guide to help you find a great book to read while you’re sitting on the beach this spring and … [Read more...]

Keep the Air Clear in Your Hollywood Apartment Living Room

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Finding great apartments in Hollywood isn’t always easy, but if you’re lucky enough to have one, you’ve done everything you can to make it look its best. However, it isn’t all about décor in your Hollywood apartment. You need to be able to breathe easy and stay comfortable as well. Use these tips to keep the air clean in your Hollywood apartment … [Read more...]

Awesome Spots in Los Angeles to Enjoy This Spring Break

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Everybody in the world knows that Hollywood is a spot that people flock to from everywhere to make it as the next big star. However, it’s also a great destination for travel, and you don’t have to want to be a star to go to Hollywood. If you’re planning on a trip over spring break, make sure you visit these destinations while you’re … [Read more...]

Find a Dog the Right Age for Your Lifestyle

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The age of your dog will have an enormous impact on how much time and effort that he or she will need to be both happy and healthy while living with you in one of our pet-friendly apartments in Hollywood. As a result, if you are getting a dog, you need to get a dog of the right age for your lifestyle. If you cannot spare time from your schedule, you … [Read more...]

Toast in the Spring With These Delicious Cocktails

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Spring is officially here, and it's time to get out and enjoy the balmy evenings L.A. does so well.  Partying in West Hollywood is much more fun with the right drink in your hand.  Try one of these delicious spring cocktails. For a refreshing libation that marries sweet with sour, try a Rose Grapefruit Cocktail.  Mix two parts Lillet Rose (or … [Read more...]

Tips for a Thorough Spring Cleaning in Your Hollywood Apartment

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The temps are warming up and you are ready to hit the beach! But first why not take a couple hours and knock out all those spring cleaning chores with these smart and easy tips? Window treatments looking dusty and limp? Take them down, shake well and then run through your clothes dryer air fluff cycle. While the curtains are off, raise the … [Read more...]