Try These 3 Fun Free Attractions in Los Angelos

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There are several different fun attractions to take in when in Los Angeles, California, but there are three in particular that stand out. You can visit everything from a lighthouse to a space shuttle. There are many things to do in Hollywood that is fun for visitors and residents alike. Check out the California Science Center where there is an IMAX … [Read more...]

Enjoy the Burgeoning Art World of Hollywood

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There's plenty to enjoy in the burgeoning art world of Hollywood with the Los Angeles gallery row. It puts on display some of the most creative work of art where creativity booms. In a new location at an old recording studio where the likes of Billie Holiday and Elvis once recorded, LAXART has chosen to commission much of the latest contemporary art from up … [Read more...]

Winter Sounds is Beginning in West Hollywood

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The city of West Hollywood will be kicking off some winter sounds in January 2015 until March. It's time for you to catch free indoor concerts of jazz to classical and other types of well respected music. Anticipate a number of artists to perform at the City's Council Chambers Public Meeting Room. January 10th the Jennifer Leitham Trio will perform a … [Read more...]

Gracias Madre is a Can’t-Miss Organic Mexican Restaurant

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Say hola to healthier alternatives at Gracias Madre, a restaurant that specializes in tasty Mexican cuisine made with organic ingredients. Opened in January 2014, this place is quite inviting with the owners welcoming everyone to take un lugar en la mesa del amor, or a seat at love's table. At the helm of Gracias Madre is Executive Chef Chandra … [Read more...]

How to Make Your Holiday Budget Work for You

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If you're celebrating the holidays in Hollywood at your Avenue apartment, and are worried about your budget getting out control, don't panic. Here are five tips on how you can make your holiday budget work for you: Only bring cash with you when you go holiday gift shopping. When your cash is gone, you can't buy anymore. It's easy to overspend when … [Read more...]

3 Simple Ornaments to Add a Handmade Touch to Your Tree

Holiday Homemade Decorations

Add a handmade touch to the holiday tree in your Hollywood apartment with homemade ornaments. Enhancing your tree with handmade ornaments will make it standout from the rest. Here are three simple ornaments to make and apartment decorating tips for them: Felt ornaments will look charming on your tree. You can use holiday-shaped cookie cutters as … [Read more...]

Classy Holiday Decorating Ideas for Your Apartment

Snowflakes Holiday Decor

If you're celebrating the holidays in Hollywood with your family at your Avenue apartment, impress them by transforming your home into a holiday showcase made from eye-catching decor. Here are three classy holiday decorating ideas to try: Welcome guests to your home with a candy tree display. Decorate three foam cones with rock candy in holiday … [Read more...]

Find the Purrfect Gift for Your Cat This Holiday Season

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Your cat makes life at your Hollywood apartment extra special. Show your cat how special they are to you by giving them one or all of the following four gifts for the holidays that will enhance their quality of life: Get your cat an apartment-friendly window shelf. This type of shelf attaches to a window by heavy duty suctions cups. Your cat will … [Read more...]

Fun Hollywood Venues for Planning a Big Holiday Party

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Sometimes your very spacious Avenue apartment just isn't large enough for the huge holiday gathering of friends and families you want to host. In this case, you can plan on having your large holiday party at one of the following two fun Hollywood venues: The House of Blues at 8430 Sunset Boulevard has three fun venues that can hold 1,500 of your … [Read more...]

Have Brunch Every Weekend at Pearl’s Liquor Bar

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Do you love to go to brunch on the weekends? Then you need to try the incredibly delicious brunch offered each weekend at the Pearl's Liquor Bar near your Hollywood apartment. This restaurant in Hollywood has an atmosphere that is as intriguing as the dishes they offer. Here are more details about this decadent brunch: The Pearl's Liquor Bar at 8909 … [Read more...]