Bring a Shopping Buddy With You to Your Black Friday Shopping Trip

Shopping Bag

Why not reach out to your neighbors at the Avenue to see if they want to be your shopping buddy on Black Friday? Bringing a friend with you on your Black Friday adventure will make your shopping experience more fun and safer. Here are three tips on how you and your buddy can have a positive experience on Black Friday shopping in Hollywood: Choose a … [Read more...]

Tips for Cooking Enough Food for Your Guests This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Food

If you're cooking the Thanksgiving meals at your Avenue apartment, don't get embarrassed because you don't have enough food. Instead, follow these three tips for making sure there's plenty of food for your guests this Thanksgiving. The more appetizers or sides you make the smaller servings of each dish you'll need. Starting with appetizers, serve at … [Read more...]

Heavenly Holiday Desserts to Make for Your Holiday Gathering

celebrating the holidays in Hollywood

Heavenly desserts are a must-have for any holiday gathering at your Avenue apartment. If you need some inspiration for decadent desserts to serve the next time you're celebrating the holidays in Hollywood, here are four to try: Chocolate cream pie is always popular. Fill a pre-made pie crust with chocolate pudding, then top it with whipped … [Read more...]

Ways to Go Green During the Holidays

going green for the hoildays

We encourage the residents from our Avenue apartments to practice green living in Hollywood during the holidays. From recycling wrapping paper to making your own gifts, there are easy ways to go green that will make a big impact. Here are five other ways you can go green during the holidays: Decorate your apartment and holiday decor with small … [Read more...]

Karaoke Night at Fiesta Cantina

events in Hollywood

Do you love to sing? Take some time to enjoy the Hollywood nightlife by participating in karaoke night at the Fiesta Cantina near your Avenue apartment. Here is how you can become a rock star on karaoke night: Starting on November 19th, every Wednesday will be karaoke night at the Fiesta Cantina at 8851 Santa Monica Boulevard. Sign-up begins at … [Read more...]

Get Tickets to the American Music Awards

events in Hollywood

Have you always dreamed of going to the American Music Awards? We want to let our residents from the Avenue know tickets are available. This is one of the star-studded Hollywood events that you don't want to miss. Here is how you can get your tickets for the American Music Awards: The American Music Awards will broadcast live from the Nokia Theater LA … [Read more...]

Choose the Dog Breed That Will Live With You for Many Years

pet-friendly apartments in Hollywood

When choosing the perfect dog, you want to make sure you select a dog breed that will live with you at your Hollywood apartment for many years. Here are four dog breeds known for living long lives: Chihuahuas are smart and have a fearless nature. They're tiny dogs that weigh around 6-pounds or a little over, and they can live up to 20 years. A … [Read more...]

Fast and Fun Projects to Personalize Your Home Decor

apartment decorating

Give your Hollywood apartment a designer look with personalized home decor that you created. Check out these three fast and fun projects for personalizing your decor and apartment decorating tips on how to display them. Decorate the plain white vases and containers around your apartment with decorative decals that coordinate with your decor. … [Read more...]

Delicious Autumn Cocktails to Try This Fall

living in Hollywood

Hosting loving gatherings for your friends and family is one of the most fun way to enhance your Hollywood apartment living experience this fall. You can take your fall gatherings to the next level by serving your guests one of the following three delicious autumn cocktails: Serve a chilled cider punch that features the flavors of fall. This … [Read more...]

Host a Halloween Party Worthy of Hollywood

throwing a Halloween party

Don't just have an ordinary Halloween party at your Avenue apartment, instead, throw one worthy of Hollywood. Perception and the element of surprise are two factors that are incorporated into a Halloween party that makes it worthy of Hollywood. Here are five tips for throwing a grand Halloween party: Pick one creative theme for your Halloween … [Read more...]